We understand that buying and/or selling property is likely to be one of the biggest transactions that you will make in your lifetime and Aldren Conveyancing Services is committed to ensuring that this transaction, from beginning to end, is smooth and stress free at a great price with the following benefits:

Keep track online

You can keep track of the progress of your property matter online anywhere at any time. You will be issued with a matter and access number that allows you to have the understanding of where your matter is up to together with important documents that are readily available. You may wish to also authorise the Real Estate Agent and your Banker/Broker limited access.

Visits to you, in your own comfortable environment, after hours

We understand that many people work long hours and may have difficulties in attending appointments during business hours so to assist our Clients we can come to you (subject to your location and our availability) in the evening or on weekends at no additional costs.

Fast, efficient conveyancing services with top of the line service and quality

We understand that there are many tight deadlines that are involved in a property transaction to secure the result you want and we are prepared to go all out to get that result for you.


All too often, Vendors and Purchasers are left in the dark when it comes to the conveyancing process and we understand that it is only natural to want to be kept in the loop. You will also have the option to choose how you would like to be contacted - phone calls, text messages, emails, post, etc.

We also understand that we are only one element involved in a property transaction and we value the role of other professions involved in the process. So ensure a smooth process we will actively liaise directly with all necessary parties involved in the transaction throughout the process and coordinate all of the efforts of each party.

Plain speaking

We keep it simple and use easy language to guide our Clients through the whole process to ensure they understand what is involved.


It is our dedication at Aldren Conveyancing Services to keep Client's informed that has resulted in the development of a secure interactive online tracking service that allows Client's secure access to track the progression of their property transaction and explains what to expect in the upcoming weeks. This secure service also contain all the necessary documentation online.

Clients that choose to use the services of Aldren Conveyancing Services will be issued with their own login and password in order to track the progression of their property transaction. Clients may also authorise other parties involved in the transaction (i.e. Real Estate Agent, Broker, etc) limited access to the tracking service to ensure all parties are up to date with the matter.